Sunday, 29 September 2013

Final Year - Wildlife and Media

The first mention of a 'dissertation' project last year had me feeling daunted and clueless as to what was expected. 

Our last project film had been rushed and the insane work load in such a short time frame left me reeling. The Gambia and Scotland trips and their corresponding deadlines had meant I had a matter of days to film, edit, propose and complete a 10 minute piece named 'Reality Bites'. I was pleased with my outcome but I feel that it was not entirely relevant, therefore I am grasping the opportunity to get ahead with this film before our May 2014 deadline.

Inspired by the work my cousin undertook, an idea came to me and flourished quickly;

The proposed reintroduction of the Wolf to Scotland by SNH to control Red Deer populations and the perceptions surrounding this issue. 

This hopes to involve several factors including filming at centres supporting wolves as well as taking the perception of farmers and distinguishing how the issues of lost livestock could be tackled. These will link together to create a storyline within the maximum 20 minute limit.

At this stage it has been confirmed as a solid idea by Michael Mitchell. However, this may still change as I gather research and form more contacts. I will try to add any updates as my project progresses!

Emily Prouse