Sunday, 13 October 2013

Project Update

Since my initial post I have been keen to keep the ball rolling, working at every opportunity having discovered coffee to be very useful in my ventures!

Ideas for the film are growing rapidly and my enthusiasm to continue has been only enhanced by the films shown at the Foxes Cinema Lounge night, hosted by my good friend Jess Owen. These were an inspiring mix of peer films of mainly wildlife subjects showing a range of filming techniques and styles.

This past week we were also invited to pitch our idea to the group by our tutor Michael Mitchell. As before; 'The proposed reintroduction of the Wolf to Scotland by S.N.H to control Red Deer populations and the perceptions surrounding this issue.'

Having had mine approved previously it took away pressure from this session, nevertheless it was worthwhile to receive ideas and opinions from both my peers and my tutor. It led to finding another suitable contact for filming and also helped me structure the argument so that it flows seamlessly throughout the plot.

Before the pitch I had been disheartened to discover that ITV Countrywise had been doing a short piece with Ben Fogle at the Predator Experience site 'walking with wolves'. 

I was disheartened for three reasons; firstly because I thought they had covered my idea better than I could ever hope to achieve due to special access and budgets, secondly because I had contacted Predator Experience myself the day before and was awaiting their reply and lastly upon watching the piece because it was not what I had imagined.

The coverage showed two Wolves acting as pack animals. It showed them jumping up at the presenter in an intimidating fashion which would not otherwise be expected from an encounter, potentially putting fear into the audience. Although the piece was shot fantastically and provided an interesting insight into wolves behaviour within a pack that you could be a part of by visiting Predator Experience, I still feel that public perception was jeopardised in that it may harm how the reintroduction of Wolves would be viewed. For this reason I now see this as a personal challenge to improve my own film to inform the public in a much more positive and representative manner.

In terms of moving forward with my project the next big step is to complete all of the research. In honesty, this is an intimidating task as there is a lot of information to put together and it may dent my motivation slightly so I will be tackling it in stages. 

Further from this I have contacted a few centres and influential people regarding filming, and had a great positive response, meaning I can begin arranging filming for January and February 2014. I am keen to get to these places, meet the people involved and utilise my camera to produce my best work yet.

Emily Prouse